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US $50-500 / Pieces | 1 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
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Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
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0.63m * 1.38 m* 0.50 m
CASIO Laser Projector
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100 Piece/Pieces per Month
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DfLabs interactive multi touch foil/interactive projection foil best price. 


The touch point for 4K type 40 touch points  from 32 inch to 100 inch.


MOQ is 1 pcs, more quantity, more discount!


The Interactive Touch Foil,  quickly enabling a touch screen in your ordinary glass world. 's large format flexible touch panel, cover from 30 to has 3 key parts. 1st is film sensor, 2nd is electronics controller, we call it eBoard, 3rd is driver. Film sensor is a green technology product, has high transparency, light and thin. the embedded nano wire grid is a sensor network, that can precisely positioning hands touch action. It use sensing technology, easily change an to bullet­proof touch screen. eBoard use SoC architecture, so the PCB is small and strong noise filtering algorithm, It can detect weak signal that caused by hands.

Driver support Win XP/7/8/10, include 32 bit and 64 bit. sion,  Android 4.4 up version. has two version, one is cling film version, It designed for interactive window and could be peeled off for reusing. Another is permanent version, once you peel off the cover layer and laminate onto the glass. the sensor will be permanently fixed. fi and bullet­proof are the application can fulfill with this requirement. It Will bring added and fun to use

The Interactive Touch Foil Features
Safety and robust
Anti­scratch, laminate on the back of
Waterproof, dust­proof, bullet­proof,
No expose components, safety.
No mechanical components with long life
Industrial temperature range: -20 °C to +80°C

Art and Sci­Fi
High transparency ≥93%, glass­level transparency
No bezel of touch area
Thin and light, the sensor thickness only 0.17mm
Thru­glass touch, the maximum thickness of glass can reach 20mm.
Only hands valid, no touch action of metal, plastic, and so on.

Excellent experience
Zero pressure touch, even with glove.
Mouse function with Zoom in/out and rotation.
2 points Multi­touch, Support TUIO & Win Native
Precise touch & real­time response

Advanced features
Low power consumption, the maximu consumption is only 0.5w
Flexible, could be applied to curve surface screen
The film sensor could be laminated on any smooth non­metallic flat
Various size from 17" to 100", lowest cost customization.

Also you need to check Tail location you want, side model or Base model such as 42 inch as follow:





Q: What the Touch Foil it is?
A: It's an innovation core part of touch screen, support single-touch & multi-touch. Holographic, precision ,transparent,flexible,curve-able,water-proof,contamination-proof, only hands-touch valid, especially unique touch technology in outdoor application. It's a magical product.

Q: What OS you support?

A: The Touch Foil support Win XP/ 7/ 8, Linux, include 32 bit & 64 bit system and Android.

Q: How can I use this amazing product?
A: Laminate on the back of glass, connect and then plus the USB interface to your PC, config the driver, then you can use it. Very easy and simple for using, once config completed, you can use it as easy as iPad . We also have video guide of lamination and driver config.

Q: How many points your multitouch support?

A: So far, 2 points, It's true multitouch and we will support 10 more points in not far future.

Q: How many kinds of your Touch Foil?

A: We have 2 kinds Touch Foil.
Permanent version: tackiness Adhesive Type use for Kiosk, include Digital Signage, POS, etc. It can be attached to glass and most smooth non-metallic surfaces other than Acrylic/Polycarbonate.

Q: How's the handwriting performance?

A: The Touch Foil have best-in-class handwriting performance, high speed and good linearity.

Q: I found your controller board are detachable, what's the advantages?

A: The Touch Foil have 3 core parts, each are Touch film - Sensor, Controller board, Driver - Software, we use module-design method. the main advantages of detachable is that when you laminate the Touch Foil on glass, no need to think about water-proof of Controller board, also when the Controller board broken, you can easily replace by a new board. your maintenance would be easy and cost down.

Q: What solution you provide?

A: We provide many solutions to our partners; include all-in-one touch device, magic touch window, mirror touch, touch table, touch Kiosk, touch Digital Signage, interactive projection, touch wall, interactive ground, and so on.

Q: For magical touch window, I found the big PC and Power on/off is a tough problem, any solution?

A: Yes, you need to find a safety and free space for your big PC, also power on/off every day. If you use ProControl, you can solve these problems. ProControl is a small size & remote-able industrial PC, locate the ProControl on the top of ceiling. or just hang-up on the wall, power on/off by the remote. It would make you easily use Magic touch window. just like switch on/off something.

Q: The length of USB is only 10M valid, the distance between my control center and thru- glass touch screen is far more than 30M. any solution?

A: Yes, we have verified USB extender for your long distance application.

Q: About digital signage application, How about the distance between LCD and Touch Foil?

A: Depends on different LCD manufacturer, some are minimum 1mm, some are 5mm, others are 8mm, even more. The display card of LCD is the key noise, so select a best display card of LCD is important. in accord of our experience, the display card provide by big manufacturer is better. a test is necessary before your LCD application.

Q: How about software application?

A: We have many software application partners, they can provide customizing software application service. Also we have a Software Platform - SWPF, It's a general application platform, the standard version is free. you can customizing the touch UI and contents by yourself. If you want details, please contact with our sales.

Q: For safety, we use thru-glass touch, how about sound?

A: The Resonant Sound is a proper solution.

Q: Can I connect two Touch Foil to one PC?

A: No, the Touch Foil will not work. Because Touch Foil touch is USB auto-detective. Two Touch Foil will make driver confusion.

Q: I found the noise is big, when I integrated Touch Foil with LCD, How can I get rid of the noise?

A : 1st, you can connect the Touch Foil with the ground wire, so as to get rid of static electricity. 2nd make the gap between LCD and the Touch Foil much more. 3rd make sure that the lamination-substrate is glass not others. Transparent plastic is OK, but gather static electricity function is strong, so, it's not a stable substrate.